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Carol White

A Divided Duty: A Novel and Coffee Breaks: Short Stories

Carol White is a seven-time award-winning novelist, playwright and freelance writer. Her fiction, essays and columns have been published by The East Hampton Star, The Sun-Sentinel, Writers' Journal, Insight for Playwrights, Working Writers, Woman’s World, The Florida Writer, and Senior Scene. She is a member of the South Florida Theatre League, Florida Writers Association, Florida Mystery Writers, National Women’s Book Association, and the National League of American Pen Women. Carol was the former Executive Producer for the Boca Raton Theatre Guild. She moderates playwriting and memoir workshops, and is a popular speaker at libraries and women’s groups in South Florida. She is the author of the Othello-inspired novel A Divided Duty and Coffee Breaks: Short Stories, coming in Summer 2017.

Chloe Rachel Gallaway

The Soulful Child: Twelve Years in the Wilderness

Chloe Rachael Gallaway is the founder of The Winged River Writer and author of The Soulful Child: Twelve Years in the Wilderness, a memoir of her life growing up through age twelve in the wild woodlands of Lindrith, New Mexico. She has studied the finer elements of writing, under New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Lauck for the past seven years. As a mentor and facilitator of the writing process, Chloe combines her experience of growing up connected to nature with her training in mindfulness tools and literacy-based writing techniques to deliver a powerful process of self-transformation and empowerment through writing. The Soulful Child  is launching on September 9, 2017.

Emily Rodavich

Mystical Interludes: An Ordinary Person's Extaordinary Experiences

Emily Rodavich is a speaker and author of the inspirational memoir Mystical Interludes: An Ordinary Person's Extraordinary Experiences. A retired teacher of high school English, mother of three, and grandmother of four, she has traveled to parts of the United States and to Europe, Egypt, China, Thailand, and Israel partly to explore spiritual, religious, and supernatural mysteries, including her own. She lives near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she is a member of Pennwriters and is currently writing and editing her second book, the anthology Mystical Interludes II: The Extraordinary Experiences of Ordinary People, forthcoming in late Spring 2017.

T.G. Monahan

The Vexing Heirloom: A Novel

T.G. Monahan received his B.A. from Rutgers University and his J.D. from Albany Law School. He is a former Judge Advocate officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and a veteran of the Iraq War. A native of Hawthorne, New Jersey, he now resides in Albany, New York, with his son. The Vexing Heirloom is his literary debut, launching in Spring 2017.

Canela Michelle Meyers

Right Here, Right Now Meditations: Satsang Invitations for Expanding Awareness

Canela Michelle Meyers supports people to relax open to, and experience directly, the awakened state of Being worldwide since 1999 via speaking engagements, Satsang gatherings and private sessions. Her book, Right Here, Right Now Meditations: Satsang Invitations for Expanding Awareness, supports people to make use of regular everyday happenings to enlighten and enrich their lives. She joined the list of Citrine authors in Fall 2017.

J. Barrie Farrington

The Commander of Hawkins Hill: A Memoir

J. Barrie Farrington, CBE, is a veteran hotelier who has been called a "tourism giant" on account of his leadership roles in empowering the international tourism industry. His career accomplishments resulted in the honorary distinction of being named Commander of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II. Farrington is recognized as a fixture at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and its various predecessor-resorts, some six in all. He served as President of the Bahamas Hotel Employers Association, and as the chairman of various boards and committees, including the National Insurance Board, Bahamasair and the Bahamas Electricity Corporation. After more than 40 years of service, he retired in January 2013 from the post of Senior Vice President for Kerzner International, leaving an indelible imprint in the culture of The Bahamas. Capturing a spectacular life journey that begins in his modest childhood home and beloved island neighborhood circa 1940, his memoir is a one-of-a-kind tapestry work and family life stitched in wise words full of heart, humor and humanity. The Commander of Hawkins Hill is forthcoming in 2017.

Lindsay Ambrose

Peaceful Mama: The Mind, Body, and Baby Connection

Lindsay Ambrose is making everyday moments more meaningful as a woman, wife, and mother of three young children. She writes a blog and hosts a podcast called EveryDayEveryMom, life recipes for mindfulness, positivity and compassion, and is the co-author of Peaceful Mama: The Mind, Body, and Baby Connection, due in less than nine months (Winter 2018).

Natalie Sager

Peaceful Mama: The Mind, Body, and Baby Connection

Natalie Sager (a.k.a. "The Modern Hippie Mama") is a mother of two boys and holistic health coach whose mission is helping mothers get control of their health and feel abundance in their lives. She has joined with co-author Lindsay Ambrose to share her heartfelt inspiration and knowledge around health and ideas for how moms can make self-care a priority in Peaceful Mama: The Mind, Body and Baby Connection, forthcoming in Winter 2018.

Sarah McLeod

Spirit Guidance

Sarah McLeod is the founder of Vision Weaving. She is an artist, director, healer, environmental activist, a wife and also mother of two awesome kids. The energy transmission embedded in her unique lightwork artistry is shaped by the lineage of the Vedic Tantric tradition, enabling a profound reconnection to Source. She resides with her earth-loving family in Northern California. She is the author of a forthcoming work of non-fiction, a vivid and profound collection of essays aptly titled Spirit Guidance.

Nick Gancitano

Be Still and Know I AM: The Direct Path

Nick Gancitano is a spiritual teacher in the Ramana Maharshi lineage and the director of The Self-Inquiry Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he disseminates Self-Inquiry. Be Still and Know I AM: The Direct Path, a revised and updated edition of a previously published title, is forthcoming this Fall 2017.

Maura McCarley Torkildson

The Inner Tree: Discovering the Roots of Your Intuition

Maura McCarley Torkildson is an author, artist, intuitive and Soul Creativity Support Mentor. She is the founder of Maura Torkildson Coaching and her work includes supporting creatives and spiritual women entrepreneurs to complete their creative soul projects. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and has an M.A. in Women’s Spirituality from New College of California. Her artwork has been exhibited in both the U.S. and Malta. Her book, The Inner Tree: Discovering the Roots of Your Intuition, is forthcoming in Winter 2018.

Sara L. Holden

Child, You Are More Than a Number

Sara L. Holden is a veteran, former police officer, public educator, wife and mother for over 20 years. Throughout her formal education, public work experience and domestic role to a houseful of insanely artistic humans, she could no longer deny her own writing gift and has given it voice in her first book, Child, You Are More Than a Number,  illustrated by the talented Adam Lassiter. She believes the time is overdue to push student data to the back burner and bring each and every one's innate gifts into the limelight, nurturing that which creates truly successful and fulfilled individuals, thus launching the healing and rebirth of a healthy society. Her mission and message comprise not just essential rhymes every child needs to hear, but wisdom for the child in all of us. It's true, what matters in life can't be measured in numbers, but we're still counting the days until her book hits bookshelves everywhere!

Adam Lassiter

Child, You Are More Than a Number

Adam Lassiter is an illustrator who has always loved art in all aspects. From the time he could pick up a pencil, he knew he wanted to be a professional artist. He holds a degree in advertising and graphic design from Randolph Community College in Asheboro, North Carolina. His wife, Cassie, is a school media specialist who first shared the love of books with him. Their passion for children's books is going to come in handy, since—in addition to his first illustrated book, Child, You Are More Than a Number—they have a baby on the way, due in March!

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